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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I will miss you

My second home...out of which I moved out recently. I have loved you unconditionally for thirteen years. The only day on which I was reluctant to face you was the first day...when I cried profusely, refusing to let go of my parents hands and enter an unseen, unexplored phase of my life. You gave me an identity; you molded me into who I am today. Sometimes I found consolation in just a glimpse of your red and yellow walls, your long cool corridors, the noise made by the blend of different voices (which sounded melodious to my ears), the cheerful green lawns and the tall sturdy trees. People looking at you unemotionally will call you a building, a non-living entity which will one day join the dust on earth's surface. However, who cares what others think and say...to me you will be a being which no one else has ever been to me...a mother, father, friend and lover molded into one.

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