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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Close to the heavens….
In the land of hues
Where colours mix and churn
To create dreams
To create love, desire, hopes and laughter
The colours are like clouds…
Light and floating
They play around me, enveloping me,
Comforting me
But when I flail my hands my fingers grasp
The colours smell sweet…
The fragrance reminds me of shimmering grass, blossoms
Babies in their cradles and
The playgrounds of my childhood days
The drops of colours are strewn all over
They wave in front of my eyes
Like a silken curtain blowing in the wind
I long for them…I crave…I have them…
But what shall I do with them?
What use are they to me?
I thought I lost all hope....but maybe....
Then give me a palette; give me a brush…a canvas
Let me paint

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