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Monday, August 22, 2011

Only in Dreams

The touch of an arm bent in a loving circle
Warm, strong..with its comforting fragrance.
A smile of pride caught from across the room,                          
A wink, a playful blink..
The voice of reason in the midst of turmoil..
Only in dreams.
A whiff of a tear, no fear, never fear.
The hard ground beneath the feet,
The soft lump of a moist palm..
Coolness, the untroubled calm,
Found both in hot seas and fresh springs.
Only in dreams.
Such tender emotions..such pain,
So much joy.
A whirlpool of colours, images
Each with so much meaning
Forgotten soon enough..yet remembered somewhere.
Only in dreams.
The leisurely walks, conversations,
Bursts of laughter, heated words..
Promises sealed with kisses,
Soft fleeting brush..of fingertips.
A day, an experience, a lifetime.
Only in dreams.
The young have fairy tales,
The old..in years and life, have dreams
Wake no more when all you want to do is sleep,
Dream on...only dream..