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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I wish I could dream all night, all day,
Untie the cords that hold my restless thoughts at bay.
Let my mind explode in all directions,
Unleash its power without any restrictions.
The grass, the sea, the planets and the stars,
The little drops of rain, the sunlight and the flowers.
I feel so muffled, so heavy and constrained,
My life seems so tiny, within the life in which it’s contained.
I want to touch everything, to see, to hear, feel and perceive
But the cords are too tight; all I can do is grieve.
At times like these I fervently hope and pray
That our soul is truly immortal, as the learned say.
Because I know that even a thousand lifetimes
Will not loosen the cords enough to reach life’s confines.

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