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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Epitaph to Poetry

I wonder why we don’t appreciate poetry any more?
Is it because everyone’s wounds are just too sore?
Sometimes, I believe it’s because we have lost all our rhymes
Little twinkling stars have been replaced by paeans on crimes.

Or maybe it’s ‘cause our Hours have become fleeting moments
In the blink of an eye day dreams melt into night time torments.
How will we gain succor from the tales of yore
If we can't even feel the cold hardness of feet above the floor.

Poets had wings, they could soar and swoop,
Now humanity is nothing but chickens pecking in their coops.
So, on and on let us through this tiresome tide troop
Even philosophy won't help untie this vicious loop.

Still wondering why we don’t appreciate poetry any more?
What can we do? The wounds are just too raw and sore.

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