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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clarion Call

Jump into the madness.
Fall into the loud beats.
The clanging sound of revelry,
Twinkling lights and crunchy treats.
Amidst all the slimy darkness
Three all-seeing eyes will unveil;
A knowing smile on rosebud lips
Looming near blood-smeared trails.
A dark red dot on golden forehead,
Like the rising sun in skies not very far
Fragrant flowers or sharp stinging steels,
Choose one and know who you truly are.

Autumn Wind Whispers

The air awaits
With bated breath
Stifling. With only
A hint of breeze
Beckons families
From far across
Hills and plains
Rivers and lakes

Sheaves of pages
Office paraphernalia
Locked in desks
Clothes folded,
Gifts wrapped
Crisp white tickets,
Whirring wheels,
Shrieking trains and planes.

The footsteps and smiles
Already floating in whispers
In the returning autumn wind.