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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cold Heart

More cold than the weather;
More bitter than the winds;
More harsh than the season;
Mankind's heart and its sins.

Had they never seen the smile,
On a little girl's face;
Rushing off with her new school bag;
To catch the bus
Before her mother could tie her shoelace?
Have they never beheld the anxious fear,
In a father's tired eyes;
Who had stayed up all night long
By the bed where his ailing child lies?
Have they never heard the screams,
Of a new mother's labour pangs;
Soon changing to a whispered prayer,
When she held her baby in her hands?

Did they ever hear or see or feel the wonder called life?
Then regardless of parentage and identity they wouldn't have dismissed it with such slight.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Violet Horizon

Only at that lonely meeting place,
Of stars and fields and fog.
I will see you there my Maker,
Divine Creator, the one called God.

There the harsh notes of reality
Of life's disappointments, anguished dismay;
Will give way to serene acceptance,
On the cool dewy grass when we lay.

Hot tears shed in petty lifetimes
May it wash our troubles away.
So we may emerge victorious,
Strong and steady ends the day.

Sickness of mind and body
Wringing of clenched hands and tangled hair.
Bury those roots of evil, gnarled and muddy;
Bid adieu to resentful jealousy in its dark lair.

At last when the gentle flap of angel wings;
Comes into our blackened hearts and sings,
Misty violet horizons will melt away and clear,
To burst forth the sun, forgiving and fair.