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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Well Wisher

Seems like ages, have passed, but I still wish you well.
Whisper a prayer then offer a coin to some wishing-well.

A wish belongs to every thousand billion star
Though make-believe, they build hope in hearts near and afar.

Sometimes a tiny little wish flounders in despair,
Often a stout and brave-hearted wish rises to dare.

Someday these very wishes may dim with defeat;
Till then leave them in peace to sparkle in dreams innocent and sweet.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hidden World

There is a secret world within this world,
Where untold hurt and sorrow reign.
Where gusts of sighs blow like winds,
And unshed tears fall as rain.

The skies are dotted with broken shards,
Of million pieces of  countless shattered hearts,
Where words which lie unuttered for decades,
Pile higher and higher to erect citadels of grey facades.

This world we each carry hidden in deep recesses of our soul,
The world we discover more and more as these bones grow old.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dark Chocolate

What do I miss about us?
I really have no clue.
Our love was never really complete
Our love was hardly true.

Yet every day when my mind wanders
Away from mundane thoughts and worries;
When I feel myself drifting away,
On a magic carpet from exotic fairy stories,
It is your voice that resonates in my ear,
The brush of your bristly cheek against mine
The way your fingers swept back my hair,
The way your soul, through your eyes, would shine.

Bittersweet memories,
Like dark chocolate on my tongue,
I thought it would last forever you know,
I though you were "the one".